When you ride Shinkansen. Where is good sheet for you?

16423375339_85d57905d8_kHi guest:D Welcome to Daifuku-project

My name is Takashi. Please call me “Taka”. 
My English skill is not good, but It’s a my practice. If you catch a mistake, please write comment:D

Anyway I usually write about iOS programming.
But I try to write about Japan. I live in Osaka. Here is the second bigger city in Japan.
(Of course first is Tokyo. But I recommend Kyoto. Kyoto is really good place of us. )

OK. Let’s move today’s topic.
Today’s topic is …..

Which sheet do you buy the Shinkansen from Osaka to Tokyo.

I introduce good sheet in Shinkansen between Osaka to Tokyo.
It takes 2.5 hours to move. And you can enjoy seeing some landscape out of the train window.

When you buy Ticket, you can choose Car-No, Row-No, Sheet-No.
Car-No and Row-No is not important.
(If you want to use electric source at all. You select first or last row. There has electric source every sheet.)

Sheet-No is most important for you.

  • Sheet A is a window seat.
  • Sheet B is a center of the seat.
  • Sheet C is a aisle seat.
  • Sheet D is a aisle seat.
  • Sheet E is a window seat.

Sheet A and E is window seat. Sheet A is ocean side,Sheet E is mountain side.
And I recommend you to Sheet E.

Sheet E is best. Because you can watch Mt.Fuji.


Mt. Fuji is a symbol of Japan. 

Attention1: Sheet B is larger than other sheet. (2 cm wider than another seat.)
Attention2: Sheet E and A-sheet has electric source either. 
Attention3: From Tokyo to Osaka is same. Whenever sheet E is best.

One more recommend:
You should buy ice cream in Shinkansen. It is yummy.

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